Air Products

Signed a master service agreement to provide ongoing flow assurance support to their CO2 transportation projects


Acting as flow assurance consultant for CCSU projects. Helping understand simulation requirements and setting the simulations models for the evaluation of flow assurance risks during CO2 transportation.

Trident Energy

Signed a master service agreement to provide ongoing flow assurance support to their operations in Brazil and Guinea

Assured Flow Solutions

Provided consultancy services helping define flow assurance risks for North Sea operators by reviewing available PVT and laboratory data. Recommendations of risk management solutions and further required analysis were done.

Twister BV

Slug catcher sizing for a Nigerian pipeline. Analysis showed that the size could be reduced by 50%.

Carbon Collectors

Performed simulations to identify the minimum temperatures that could occur in the different well components during the necessary (planned or unplanned) operations to inject CO2 in the target wells via Barge. Feasible injection envelope was identified

Pace Flow Assurance

Flow assurance during EPIC, providing confirmation of the field design and assessing whether proposed changes would have an impact on flow assurance risks.


Assessment of liquid management options for several North Sea fields where changes in production philosophy were necessary to keep fields in production. The following have been performed: assessment of slug sizes and pigging requirements. Producers: ONE, Dana, and Petrogas.

Repsol Venezuela

Delivered a four days flow assurance course to operational and engineering personal, focusing in the way flow assurance and production chemistry can help support production.

Xodus Group

Flow assurance studies during detailed design. Providing confirmation of the system configuration, as required for the procurement schedule. Confirmation of minimum and maximum temperatures and pressures in an HPHT field.


Assessment of asphaltene risks for a North Sea oil field operated by Wintershall. Available fluid data was analysed to determine whether asphaltene problems were expected to be present in the reservoir