Providing solutions for the fit for purpose management of flow assurance risks, resulting in solutions that strike a balance between risk minimization, production, and cost optimization. 

Carbon capture and storage CCSU: Flow Ahead can help identify knowledge gaps and areas where experimental data and/or simulations might be required during design and operations. The simulation work can then be executed.  


We aim to assist clients with a range of focused solutions, such as project reviews, indication of laboratory analysis required to assess solid risks, assistance to determine the suitability of the scope of work proposed by a third party, or in the delivery of a longer term relationship through a full flow assurance field assessment.


We are able to deliver flow assurance training at the clients chosen location and tailor courses for each specific need.

A deployment partner for the technology catalogue helping you find new technology and providing access to all required support to get the technology deployed. More info at https://www.technologycatalogue.com/deployment_partner/flow-ahead

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